Brawa art. 0220 E 69 03 DB, Ep.V (Museumslok)
Brawa — Germany

Electric locomotive E 69 03 „Hermine“, belonging to DB, era V (Museumslok)
Modern, perfectly detailed model in the best traditions of BRAWA. The most detailed detailing and exact compliance with the scale. Excellent, and with the maximum fit to the prototype, all the details of the equipment and the crew part are worked out. Large-scale and very careful study of rivet seams and mechanical joints. Filigree made, very detailed and fully functional pantograph. Very convincing and relief engraving of brake equipment, sandboxes, small parts and parts of the crew. The locomotive is very smooth, running and good traction characteristics. The model is almost entirely made of metal, with the exception of some overhead parts. The model has very high quality and reliable mechanics, which is implemented using a gearbox with metal gears. According to many collectors, today is the best edition of this locomotive / E69 03 / in the 87th scale / size H0 /
From the collection, in very good condition. For a short time, it was exhibited in a dust-proof display case, with all the additional details (installed — without the help of glue!) In the original packaging with instructions.
According to the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRG) classification, the E 69 series consisted of five, largely analogous electric locomotives, which became part of the DRG after the nationalization on August 1, 1938 of a suburban railway, formerly owned by the joint-stock company Lokalbahn Aktien-Gesellschaft (LAG), München,
All five locomotives were purchased by the LAG and used on the Ammergaubahn route (Ammergaubahn) from Murnau  to Oberammergau . This line was first electrified in 1904 with a single-phase 5.5 kV alternating current with a frequency of 16 Hz. It was later transferred to 5 kV 16 2/3 Hz due to the simpler conversion from the public 50 Hz network. As part of the LAG, all five electric locomotives, in addition to the series number, also had their names, which in 1938, already in the structure of Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRG), were banned. In 1954/55 Deutsche Bundesbahn / DB / was already re-equipped and adapted to the traction current system with a voltage of 15 kV 16 2/3 Hz. In 1968, the E 69 series was changed to E169.