Brawa art. 44146 Elektrotriebwagen elT1017 Baureihe ET 89 "Rübezahl" DRG Ep.2
Brawa — Germany

The proposed electric trolley elT1017 Baureihe ET 89 “Rübezahl”, belonging to the DRG, era 2.
Modern, perfectly detailed model in the best traditions of BRAWA. The most detailed detailing and exact compliance with the scale. Excellent, with the most accurate match developed trolleys and equipment parts of the crew. Large-scale and very thorough study of rivet seams and mechanical connections. Well-made, very detailed and fully functional pantographs. Very convincing and relief engraving of car equipment. The model is equipped with interior lighting salon and the driver’s workplace. The model has a very smooth, almost silent course and very good traction characteristics. Interface in accordance with NEM 660 MTC 21 pin. The model is digitized, the ZIMO Mx 634D decoder is installed.
In perfect collectible condition, in its original packaging with all additional details for self-installation / factory-sealed / and instructions.
A total of 11 units were built in 1926. They were built at the LHW, WUMAG / mechanical part / and SSW / electric part / plants. They were specially developed for use on the Hirschberg-Polaun /Strecke Hirschberg–Polaun /.
Decommissioned and withdrawn from 1945 to 1959.