Brawa art. 45972 Jubiläumsset BR 94 "60 Jahre Brawa"
Brawa — Germany

Unique, anniversary set / Jubiläumsset BR 94 “60 Jahre Brawa” / with the steam locomotive BR 94,104 DR from the Brawa company is offered. A very rare, limited edition (700 copies), a luxuriously decorated gift edition. In H0, serial manufacturers have a very small number of top / premium / level gift sets, and this release falls into this category. This remarkable publication may be of interest to both very demanding and sophisticated connoisseurs and collectors, as well as novice fans of railway-model subjects. Also this set is very interesting in content and true historical fit, especially for collectors of East German themes from the early period of the GDR.
The kit includes:
The kit includes:
1P steam locomotive BR 94 104 DR, belonging to East German / GDR / Reichsbahn, livery and state for the 3rd (IIIa) era. The flawlessly made model is equipped with a five-pole, very high-quality Swiss Maxon electric motor. The hull, frame, crew part and part of the steam distribution elements are made of white metal. The NEM 21-polig connector is installed to connect the decoder. The lighting changes depending on the direction of movement. There are NEM shafts for installing and replacing couplers of different designs from other manufacturers. The model has excellent running and traction characteristics. The drive is carried out: on two wheel sets directly from the electric motor through a reducer, three efforts are transmitted through coupling drawbars. On one, for the best coupling, rubber bandages are established. Minimum admissible radius for the movement and operation – 360 mm.
2) Passenger car Ci Wü 05 DR Stuttgart 92 973, class 3, era IIIa.
3) Passenger car Cid 12 DR Stuttgart 94 687, class 3, era IIIa.
4) Postal waggon car Pwi DR Stuttgart 126 567, epoch IIIa.
5) Gondola Om21 DRGKönigsberg 15834 Om, epoch IIIa.
6) Covered wagon G10 DR Kassel 2535, era IIIa.
Very high quality wonderfully worked out and detailed models, in the best traditions of cars from Brawa. Excellent and very detailed elaboration of the frame and undercarriage equipment. Equipped, like the electric locomotive, with kinematics of “close” clutch and NEM mines for installation of couplers of different designs.
7) Furniture van “Karl Riedel”, consistent with historical documents.
8) Lanterns with wooden masts, a set of 3 pieces
Set in a new, collectible condition. Very short time was exhibited in a sealed, dustproof display case. Overhead parts are very carefully installed / easily “draped over” without glue / in the original packaging, with all instructions / description.
Rarity! Represents a great collectible value!