Eisenbahn Canada art. H0-002/7 Steam Locomotive SL7 757 China Railway Current Museum.
Eisenbahn Canada

An exclusive, super-limited model from
small-scale company Eisenbahn Canada – steam locomotive SL7 757,
belonging to China Railway, museum version.
Ultra rare, special issue. The circulation of this version is only 3 copies (!) For the whole world! The model corresponds to the level of “museum quality” and belongs to the category of “high-end”. Hand-assembled from brass, nickel silver and stainless steel. All connections are soldered, pressed or threaded. Quality at the level of top models of leading small-scale firms.
Ideal smooth, almost silent course. A model with lighting that changes (white / red) depending on the direction of movement.
The model is unique and has no alternative and is a very large collection value. It is especially interesting for fans and connoisseurs of Asian railway subjects. Original producer price is USD $ 2,250.00.
And we are proud to be able to offer you, our dear clients, at a very reasonable price this unique small-scale model, which will not only decorate the collection, but will raise it to a completely different level, unattainable by many.
Absolutely new copy, with all additional accessories. The model was removed from the original packaging only for photographing.