L. S. Models art.41133, Set № 3 MISTRAL 56 ,CIWL Pullman. "Le Lyonnais"(train), SNCF Ep. IV.
L. S. Models

An exclusive set with three 4-axle passenger cars of the first class express train “Le Lyonnais” from the company L. S. Models. Affiliation: SNCF / Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français / (National Company of French Railways). Epoch IV.
Excellent quality, precise fit to the scale and design of the prototype. Exceptional detail, ranging from carts, frame and car equipment – and to every detail of the interior. All these qualities advantageously distinguish L. S. Models products from the general range of mass-produced railway models and place them on the same level as the best models of top models from leading modern serial brands.
Kit contains:
Two 4-axle wagons of the 1st class Mistral 56 A8u inox, with TEE designation, without the “Mistral” sign.
4-axis pulman CIWL, type Wsu.
The proposed set in a completely new condition, in its original packaging, with all the additional accessories and instructions. Models are removed from the original packaging for photography only.
History reference:
The train “Le Lyonnais” was a French express train, which worked and served the direction Paris-Lyon – Paris-Gare de Lyon – Dijon-Ville – Lyon-Perrache /. Commissioned in 1968. Operator -Société Nationale des Chemins de fer français (SNCF). The train was named after a geographical area known as Lyonne, a historical (former) French province, the name of which originated from the city of Lyon.
Originally, from 1969 to 1976, “Le Lyonnais” was a first-class Rapide Trans Europ Express (TEE). He was then downgraded to Rapide / Rapid-Regional / and served this route until 1981, when he was replaced by a TGV.