Liliput 177 00 Wittfeld Akku Triebwagen AT3 435/ 436, K.P.E.V. Epoche I

The model of an accumulator two-carriage motrisa of Vittfeld AT3, board number 435/436, accessory of K.P.E.V is offered. / Königlich Preußische Eisenbahn-Verwaltung/,1st era.
Dates on cars belong to 1912-13.
It is one of the most known and recognizable models from Liliput.
And despite the “respectable age” still did not lose relevance and remains one of darlings for many collectors and fans of railway subject. Very good detailing with big quantity of laid on/hinged details (hand-rail, screw hitches, cables, etc.), metal wheel vapors with spoke disks, in salon an interior – sitting for passengers. Lighting works/changes depending on the direction of the movement. For the best coupling and traction characteristics one of the leading wheel couples has rubber frictional bandages.
Model in absolutely new, collection state, with all dopolnitelnyy hinged details for independent installation, in original packing with the instruction. It is made and collected in Austria. In such state is of collection value.
Accumulator motrissa of Vittfeld of AT3/Wittfeld Akkutriebwagen AT3/were the first specially developed cars on electric draft with a power supply from accumulators. The first series was ordered by Royal Prussian management of the railroads, classified as AT3/of Gattung A3/and arrived on the Prussian State railroad from 1907 to 1909. In operation were till 1962. In Bundesbane/Deutschen Bundesbahn/were designated as ETA 177, 178 and 180 of series were also used on the main and auxiliary lines and also in the suburban message.
There was a similar type and in Russia. B1910 was constructed to year by Bryansk Engineering Plant a battery car which is very similar to the Vittfelda car. Whether it is the official license of construction, it is unknown. Besides, this car was the first railway vehicle with the electric drive in Russia and was used on the route St. Petersburg-Pavlovsk