Liliput H0 12600 Schnell Verbrennen Triebzug SVT 06.110 "Bauart Köln" DB

The model of the legendary high-speed diesel train SVT 06.110 DB type “Cologne” (“Bauart Köln”) / ex 137 273-278 and 137 851- 858 DR / is offered. This series was built in the period from 1936 to 1938 in the factories: “Linke-Hofmann” AG Breslau, AEG, SSW. Intended for the network of routes FDt-Netz of the German Reichsbahn, which were served by diesel trains and Motris. Similar diesel trains were in the USSR. In 1946, on account of the reparation from Germany, two three-car diesel trains arrived, built by Linke-Hofmann / in Breslau. In the SZD, they were classified as DP15 / with hydraulic transmission / and DP14 / with electric transmission /.
This is one of the most famous and recognizable models from Liliput. And despite its “respectable age”, it still has not lost its relevance and remains one of the favorite for many collectors and fans of railway subjects. Very good detailing, metal wheelsets, in the cabin interior – seats for passengers. Lighting cab driver. For better grip and traction characteristics, the two driving wheels have rubber friction bandages.
The model is in a completely new, collectible condition, with all the extra attachments for self-installation, in the original packaging with instructions. Made and assembled in Austria. In this state it is a collection value.