Micro Feinmechanik art.11324H.L. SE № 225 Dampflok BR 03 042 "Brigade Deutsch-Sowjetische Freundschaft" DR /Ost/
Micro Feinmechanik

A unique special / sonder / 2013 edition from Micro Feinmechanik Locomotive BR 03 042DR / Ost / with the title / slogan- “Brigade Deutsch-sowjetische Freundschaft” (“German-Soviet Friendship Brigade”) is proposed. Built in 1931 at the factory Henschel, factory number 22016. Shown being able for 1963, before the reconstruction, with an old boiler. Affiliation: East German Reichsban. Attributed : Rbd Schwerin, Bw Rostock. Epoch 3.
RARITY! Ultra rare, special edition №225 / Sonderedition Nr 225 / Circulation only 10 pieces (!) For the whole world!
One of the most desirable collection railway models in the 87th scale, especially for fans of East German and East European themes.
This stunning, stunningly beautiful edition from Micro Feinmechanik will be not just an addition, but one of the main, key and most prestigious exhibits in any serious railway collection oriented primarily to the 3rd era of steam of East German Reisban of the GDR period . This is one of the best editions of the classic 2 cylinder BR 03 in the 87th scale!
And we are proud that we can offer you, our dear customers, not just a scale model of small series, but a unique piece of technical art that will not only decorate the collection, but raise it to a completely different level, unattainable by many.
Absolutely new copy, with all additional accessories. Exclusively box storage. The model was removed from the original packaging only for photographing. The certificate of authenticity and gloves are attached.
All models from Micro-Feinmechanik fully correspond to the level of “museum quality” and belong to the category of “high-end”. Made by hand from brass, nickel silver and stainless steel. All connections are soldered, compressed or threaded connections. All models are from this manufacturer represent a huge collection value. An ideal product for a promising investment.
The 03 series locomotives in Germany from 1930 to 1938 in four plants: Borsig, Krupp, Henschel, and Schwartzkopff.
Locomotives of this series were intended for heavy, fast trains on routes that had a limit on axle load of up to 18 tons. Externally, structurally and in terms of characteristics, they are very close to the 01 series. The weight reduction compared with the 01 series was achieved due to the lightweight frame design, smaller boiler and smaller diameter cylinders with a lighter unit. A total of 298 locomotives of the 03 series were built.

ATTENTION! Exchange is possible, including on the serial models!