Micro Feinmechanik art.99808H.L. SE № 22 Museums Dampflok 03 002 SZ
Micro Feinmechanik

A unique, special / sonder / 2000 edition from Micro Feinmechanik is a museum steam locomotive Rh 03 002 JZ-JЖ / ex Südbahn 109.38 /. It was built in 1913 in Vienna at Floridsdorf / factory number 2161. The steam locomotive is shown as year 2000.
RARITY! Ultra rare, special edition No. 22 / Sonderedition Nr 22 / Circulation only 10 copies (!) For the whole world!
One of the most desirable collection railway models in the 87th scale, especially for fans of Austro-Hungarian and East European themes. This stunning, stunningly beautiful release from Micro Feinmechanik was created and released in the best years of the company, when the approach to the development and production of models was similar to art, unlike the models of recent years, when there was only business, and to which there are questions like according to conformity and circulation. And we are proud to be able to offer you, our dear customers, not just a large-scale small-scale model, but a unique object, a work of technical art that will not only decorate the collection, but will raise it to perfection. on the other, so many unattainable level.
Absolutely new copy, with all additional accessories. Exclusively box storage. The model was removed from the original packaging only for photographing. The certificate of authenticity and gloves are attached.
All models from Micro-Feinmechanik fully correspond to the level of “museum quality” and belong to the category of “high-end”. Made by hand from brass, nickel silver and stainless steel. All connections are soldered, compressed or threaded connections. All models are from this manufacturer represent a huge collection value. An ideal product for a promising investment.
The SB / Rh 109 series locomotives were tender locomotives for high-speed trains, built for the Southern Railway Company in Austria / Südbahngesellschaft in Österreich /. They built from 1910 to 1930 in four plants: StEG, Floridsdorf, Wr. Neustadt and MÁVAG. Designed to replace old locomotives Reihe 32f. The project was developed by the engineers of the StEG Ernst Prossi plant / Ernst Prossy / and Hans Steffan / Hans Steffan / commissioned by the manager of the Southern Railway Yustach Prossy / Eustach Prossy /. The locomotives of the 109th series were used on the direction between Vienna and Trieste and due to which the travel time was reduced from 13.5 to 10.5 hours. The silhouette, appearance and technical solutions / especially the characteristic “smooth” boiler / SB / Rh 109 very much resembles the legendary locomotives of the design of Karl Gölsdorf / Karl Gölsdorf /. The locomotives of this series were attributed and located in Vienna, Innsbruck, Marburg and Trieste.
Rh 03 002 JZ-JЖ / ex ex Südbahn 109.38 / has been preserved, restored and is located in the Railway Museum of Ljubljana (Železniški muzej Slovenskih železnic), which belongs to the Slovenian Railway and is the National Railway Museum of Slovenia. Located close to the former railway station Ljubljana-Pine …