Micro Metakit art.Nr. 00201H. Kgl.Bay.Sts.B Pfälzisch.Netz P3 II " Dr. Von Clemm "
Micro Metakit - Germany

A model of one of the most unusual and remarkable locomotives in the entire history of locomotive building is proposed.
The famous steam locomotive P 3 II of the Palatinate Railway / Pfälzischen Eisenbahn /. At one time he was the main character and star of the Paris World Exhibition in 1900. Yes, this is the legendary Krauss locomotive with an auxiliary mechanism. This stunning release from Micro Metakit is unique and has no alternative. This is one of the most desired and sought after models of the Micro Metakit Bavarian collection. A gem for those who are very seriously fascinated by the Bavarian railway theme of the 1st epoch period and collect small-scale models of rolling stock. Constructive, design, engineering and technical solutions of the prototype are very unusual, non-standard and able to surprise anyone. And on the model, all this beauty and innovation are shown with all the scrupulousness, uncompromisingly, extremely precisely and in detail, with attention to every little thing and maximum correspondence to the prototype. The model is elegant, very beautiful and very interesting technically.
The locomotive is shown in the purple-violet livery of the Palatinate Railway and with a 3-axle tender.
Release 2001 year. Circulation 120 copies. Rarity! This option is very difficult to find!

Absolutely new copy, with all additional accessories. Exclusively box storage. The model was removed from the original packaging only for photographing. The certificate of authenticity and gloves are attached.
All models from Micro-Metakit fully correspond to the level of “museum quality” and belong to the category of “high-end”. Made by hand from brass, nickel silver and stainless steel. All connections are soldered, compressed or threaded connections. All models are from this manufacturer represent a huge collection value. An ideal product for a promising investment.
Built in 1900 at the Krauss plant / Krauss /. It was a trial, experimental locomotive for fast trains. Like the predecessor of the P 3I, it was the Atlantic-Lokomotive with internal cylinders and the wheel formula 2’B1 ‘(Achsfolge 2’B1’). P 3 II two-cylinder compound and the main feature of the design was the presence of a disconnected drive to the middle auxiliary axle of the front runner 3-axle bogie. The drive was carried out from two front outer cylinders. In the normal position, it was raised to 30mm from the rail head. It was used and entered into action / at will and necessity / when starting off and moving on steep slopes. Another feature of the P 3II is balancing weights for balancing the moving parts of the main steam engine installed on both sides of the ash pan, which were moved, driven by special drawbars.
In 1902, the locomotive was reconstructed, and the auxiliary drive and balancers were removed. The preliminary plan of the German Reichsbane provided for reclassification to BR 14 121.
It was written off in 1924.

ATTENTION! The exchange , including on serial models is possible!