Roco 04126F Locomotive a vapeur Type 150X SNCF Ep.III

The model of the SNCF Région Est Type 150x 146/ex BR 44 DRG/accessory engine the 3rd era is offered.
Release of 1982, it was stated and it was positioned in the Roco catalog as export model of the company. Circulation was much less main articles of BR 44/043/044/.
It is shown in option 2-y/voyennoy/of a series of family of the 44th.
For development of the beginning of the 80th the model has very high extent of specification and perfectly a detalirovan. It is a lot of separate laid on details. The engine is located in the tender, the drive is carried out on two wheel couples on which for the best coupling and traction characteristics rubber bandages are established. The case of the tender is made of metal.
The model in a collection state, was stored in original packing all the time. In a show-window it was not exposed, without run and traces of an ekstluatation. In original packing, with the instruction description and with all additional details for independent installation.
In such state is of collection value, especially for those who are keen and collect rare vintage models.
On this remarkable story and a series of engines well-loved by many it is short to write it will not turn out therefore I want to make the full historical review in the section “Collection”. Especially as they at me – some of the most favourite…