TRIX -22114 Baureihe 44 333 DB gealtert ,digital sound.

The model of a steam locomotive 44 33, belonging to the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) 3rd era is offered.
2004 edition. The model was declared and positioned in the Trix catalog as a one-time release.
Shown in the option “with traces of exploitation” and “aging.”
Weathering Factory from Trix. The model is installed / factory / DCC digital audio decoder and, additionally, as an option, a smoke generator.
The model has a high degree of detail and is perfectly detailed. The engine is located in the boiler of a locomotive. The drive is carried out on all moving wheelsets of a locomotive, one of which is fitted with rubber tires for better grip. The model is quite heavy and has excellent traction characteristics. Considering the appearance with the factory-produced weather, the presence of a digital decoder with a sound and smoke generator, as well as excellent mechanical characteristics and super-reliability Märklin / Trix- is ideal for operation on almost any layout.
The model is in collectible condition, in its original packaging, with an instruction-description and with all the additional details for self-installation.
In this state it is of collection value, especially for those who, in addition to the excellent exterior of the model, are still very important reliability and excellent operating characteristics.
The history of this remarkable and beloved by many series of steam locomotives cannot be briefly written, so I want to make a full historical review in the “Collection” section. Moreover, they are among my favorite ones …